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Procedure for Creating New Member Accounts

These are instructions for Church members to follow after recruiting new members to join the Church, to complete the new member indoctrination and induction process.

  1. Ask the new member to say, "I pledge to uphold Metaversalist ethics, follow the rules of the Church of Metaversalism, and contribute to the glory of the Metaverse." (Refer them to the linked pages if needed.
  2. Tell the member to anoint themselves as specified in the church rules.  After this, they are a Church member.
  3. Add the new member's information to the Member List.  Be sure to assign them the smallest unused member number.  Make up an appropriate and/or facetious title for them.  Don't provide their real name (or even their pseudonym) unless they say it's OK.
  4. Tell your mentor (whoever recruited you) that you have recruited a new member, and ask them to give you administrator privileges so you can set up the new account.
  5. Sign into the Portal Page at using your username (which is your member number) and your password.
  6. Click on "Manage this domain" just below the gray area to the right of your email address.
  7. On the Dashboard, click "Create New Users" in the blue area.
  8. Enter the user's first name and last name if known.  You may also use the member's pseudonym.  (We don't require members to provide their real names yet.)
  9. Assign them a username which is their member number. (With no leading 0's.)
  10. Click the "Create New User" button.
  11. On the following page, click "Email Instructions."
  12. At the end of the message, add the text, "Please be sure to keep your member information on the Team Site up-to-date. ("  Sign the message with your name, church title, and member number.
  13. If you have the user's email address, fill it in on the "To:" line and hit "Send Instructions."  Otherwise, copy and paste the text into a message in whatever medium you have been using to communicate with the user (e.g. private messages on, and send it to them that way.
  14. Click "back to user list" and click on the new user you just created.
  15. You may add a nickname (email alias) for the member if appropriate.
  16. Click "edit group memberships."  Click on the "members" group.
  17. Under "add new members", type their member number, then hit the "Add" button.
  18. Go to your inbox (click "Inbox" at the top of the page, or go to and email with a welcome message such as the following: "All hail member #..., (name or psudonym), (title).  (say a few other words about their role).  Ex nihil omnia fiunt, (sign)"
  19. Please serve as mentor for the new members you recruit.  If your recruits themselves successfully recruit other new members, you may give them admin access to the site.