Church Rules

The following are the rules that members of the Church of Metaversalism are expected to follow.  So far these rules are rather informal, and there is not yet any enforcement process or penalty for failing to follow the rules.
  1. All Church members shall always adhere to Metaversal Ethics.
  2. Each member should try their best to recruit 1 new member to Metaversalism each week, until every sentient being in the universe is a Metaversalist.
  3. Members should take care of giving new members they recruit access to the website.  (See instructions.)
  4. New member numbers should be assigned in the order of joining, except for member #22, who is "special."
  5. Any member (except for member #13) may delegate a task to any higher-numbered member (except for member #13).
  6. Members should keep their member information on the member list up-to-date.
  7. Items on the Action Items list should be completed in a timely fashion.
  8. New members should anoint themselves by spritzing club soda on their forehead (bubbles = blessings).  If club soda is not available, drawing an "M" on your forehead with cranberry juice is an acceptable substitute.