Latin Motto Variations

Calling all Metaversalists!  The goal of this page is to work on improving our motto to provide the best possible rendering, in classical Latin, of Metaversalism's motto, "Out of nothing, everything comes/emerges/arises/is made."  The problem is to find a Latin phrase that is grammatical, has the right connotations, looks good and sounds good.  On this page, we are collecting a list of different phrase variations, together with their closest English translations (as far as we know).  Please correct any errors you notice in the English translations.  The Remarks area on the right is for pointing out problems with the given Latin phrase, with reference to our goals here.  The Rating column is computed by starting with 5 and subtracting 1 point for each negative critique found in the remarks area.  Members, if you notice any additional problems with the phrases listed, please add it to the remark, and subtract 1 from the rating.  If you are able to come up with a phrase variation that none of us can find a problem with, and that earns a perfect "5" score, we will adopt it as our new phrase.

At, present, our leading contender (thanks XRay) is Ex nihilo omnia fiunt. ("From nothing, everything is created;" or perhaps "From nothingness; everything is made.")
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Latin PhraseEnglish TranslationRatingRemarks
Latin PhraseEnglish TranslationRatingRemarks
Ex irritum , panton adveho. From nothingness, everything comes. Wrong "nothingness." 
Ex irritum , panton fio. Out of nothingness, everything becomes. Wrong "nothingness"; english sounds odd. 
Ex nihil panton From nothing everything No verb; not a complete sentence. 
Panton ex nihil Everything from nothing No verb. Would prefer to reverse order for surprise factor. 
Ex nihilo panton From nothing everything No verb. Undeclinable "nihil" would be better with undeclined "panton" 
Ex nihilum panton From nothing everything No verb. Ungrammatical; "nihilum" should decline 
Panton est emersum ex nusquam. Everything is to arise out of nothing. Wrong "nothing." Too future-oriented? 
Ex nihil, panton fieri. Out of nothing, everything be made. English phrasing sounds a little antiquated. 
Ex nihil, panton exsisto. Out of nothing, everything to emerge. English version sounds awkward. 
Panton mos exsisto existo ex nusquam. Everything will arise out of nothing. Too future-oriented? 
Ex nihil, panton emersum. Out of nothing , everything to arise. Need to conjugate verb? 
Ex nihil, panton emersi. Out of nothing , everything to arise. Verb still not conjugated properly? 
Ex nihil, panton emerso. Out of nothing , everything to arise. Verb still not conjugated properly? 
Ex nihil, panton adveho. Out of nothing , everything to carry. Wrong English translation/connotation? 
Ex nihil panton fit. From nothing, everything comes. "panton fit" sounds like "pants don' fit" 
Ex nihil, panton advehi. Out of nothing , everything to carry. Wrong verb or wrong conjugation? 
Ex nusquam , panton exsisto existo. From nothing, everything arises. Wrong "nothing;" awkward-sounding ending. 
Ex nihilo omnia fiunt From nothing everything is created  
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