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Metaversalism's First Public Sermons Conducted!

posted Oct 13, 2011, 8:07 PM by Thanos Elohim
I, your benevolent and omnidimensional Lord Thanos, did recently (specifically this past Sunday, Oct. 9th, at approximately 10:00 am EDT) conduct the first-ever public sermons on Metaversalist philosophy to be held in this universe, in our first chapel, which was constructed a few months ago in our public Minecraft server, running server version 1.8.1, at  In attendance were a Minecraft kid-punk and his brother, who were each granted the great gifts of flight and the ability to create and destroy objects at will, as a reward for sitting and listening to a 5-minute sermon delivered by myself.  Using this newfound gift, they (one of them, at least) promptly went out and started destroying random things in the world, including the Church steps, and the perpetrator (who lied and claimed a friend of his did it) got banned for his disrespectful, antisocial, and dishonest behavior.  The damage was easily repaired. and the Church will be reopened for business by our next service, which may be this coming Sunday, Oct. 16th, or maybe not.