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Improvements to Main Website

posted Apr 8, 2008, 5:41 AM by Mac P. Fink
Yesterday I spent a fair bit of time cleaning up and reorganizing the website.  The navigation menu now works in a more consistent fashion; page appearance is more consistent, external links are separated from intrasite links in the navigation menu, over-large pages were split up into several pages, some text was added, and the church logos were all updated to use the new motto.  Another round of revamping will need to come later when we introduce the "Foundation for Metaversalism," as it may call for a new logo.  I'm not yet sure whether the Foundation should have a separate set of pages of its own, or share the same pages.

Incidentally, I need to know from members whether they would wish to be members of the Foundation as well as the Church.  We can keep both organizations around, at least temporarily, as separate legal entities.  They may serve distinct purposes (with the Foundation focusing on philosophical education, and the Church doing community outreach at the local level).