New Logo Designed; Original Website Restored!

posted Mar 29, 2018, 6:14 PM by Thanos Elohim

In recent months, I, your benevolent and oh-so-humble Lord High Reverend Thanos Q. "Elohim" Endrizzi, Ph.D., have improved Metaversalism's image in the following ways:  I created a new version of our logo with an "Om" (🕉) at the center, with new interpretations.  These are described on the Church's logo page.  I personally sported a pendant with the new logo when I visited a temple of the goddess Kali in Kolkata, India, and received her blessings.  Also, I recruited one new member (Lord Baconheart), who made me think of checking to see if our old domain,, was available--it was!!!  I have since moved our website back there and fixed the page formatting problems.  Huzzah!  Ex nihilo, omnia fiunt.  Sincerely, Your Lord and Prophet, Lord Thanos.

Metaversalism's First Public Sermons Conducted!

posted Oct 13, 2011, 8:07 PM by Thanos Elohim

I, your benevolent and omnidimensional Lord Thanos, did recently (specifically this past Sunday, Oct. 9th, at approximately 10:00 am EDT) conduct the first-ever public sermons on Metaversalist philosophy to be held in this universe, in our first chapel, which was constructed a few months ago in our public Minecraft server, running server version 1.8.1, at  In attendance were a Minecraft kid-punk and his brother, who were each granted the great gifts of flight and the ability to create and destroy objects at will, as a reward for sitting and listening to a 5-minute sermon delivered by myself.  Using this newfound gift, they (one of them, at least) promptly went out and started destroying random things in the world, including the Church steps, and the perpetrator (who lied and claimed a friend of his did it) got banned for his disrespectful, antisocial, and dishonest behavior.  The damage was easily repaired. and the Church will be reopened for business by our next service, which may be this coming Sunday, Oct. 16th, or maybe not.

Hand-crafted Metaversalism pendants now available

posted Dec 29, 2010, 2:15 PM by Thanos Elohim   [ updated Dec 29, 2010, 2:43 PM ]

Over this holiday season, I commissioned the creation of a series of hand-crafted wooden pendant necklaces featuring a variety of Metaversalist symbols.  An example is shown at right; click here to see the full gallery.  These attractive pieces can be ordered through the crafter's Etsy shop, at  Church members may also be gifted with these pieces as rewards for loyal service.

Check out the Metaversal Lounge

posted Mar 26, 2009, 2:11 PM by Thanos Elohim

I have just created a new social network just for Metaversalists, called the Metaversal Lounge...
Come check it out...  It is a bit friendlier and more welcoming environment than a boring old team site is.

Join us on Second Life!!

posted Mar 3, 2009, 4:24 AM by Thanos Elohim   [ updated Mar 3, 2009, 7:13 AM ]

Calling all Metaversalists!  We are working on establishing a presence in Second Life (, so that we can build a small chapel and education/outreach center there, and try to recruit some new members.  Second Life has millions of residents, and it is much cheaper and easier to rent or build there than it is in the real world!  So, it is a good target for our first (virtual) brick-and-mortar facility.

I need at least one person to go into SL so that I can create a Metaversalism group there (a group with only 1 member will get automatically deleted after a short time).

My name in SL is Thanos Endrizzi...  Come and find me.

Note: Once you get past the juvenile dicks that hang out around the entry portals, and find your way to some of the nicer scientific or cultural areas, I've found that there are a lot of people in SL who are much nicer and more mature...   So don't let bumping into a few a-holes early on dissuade you.

Church Activity Starting Up Again

posted Feb 25, 2009, 5:14 PM by Thanos Elohim

After a year-long hiatus I have recently started up church activity again - posting on, writing a book, recruiting new members.  We are trying to raise funds to get registered as an official nonprofit religious organization.

The Case for Metaversalism

posted Apr 8, 2008, 5:43 AM by Mac P. Fink

I'm working on an essay called "The Case for Metaversalism" which attempts to present the arguments for Metaversalism (or at least, for its metaphysical framework, Metaverse Theory) in a systematic fashion.  It's not yet finished, but comments on it are welcome.

Improvements to Main Website

posted Apr 8, 2008, 5:41 AM by Mac P. Fink

Yesterday I spent a fair bit of time cleaning up and reorganizing the website.  The navigation menu now works in a more consistent fashion; page appearance is more consistent, external links are separated from intrasite links in the navigation menu, over-large pages were split up into several pages, some text was added, and the church logos were all updated to use the new motto.  Another round of revamping will need to come later when we introduce the "Foundation for Metaversalism," as it may call for a new logo.  I'm not yet sure whether the Foundation should have a separate set of pages of its own, or share the same pages.

Incidentally, I need to know from members whether they would wish to be members of the Foundation as well as the Church.  We can keep both organizations around, at least temporarily, as separate legal entities.  They may serve distinct purposes (with the Foundation focusing on philosophical education, and the Church doing community outreach at the local level).

New Latin Motto

posted Apr 6, 2008, 6:38 AM by Mac P. Fink

Thanks to help from XRayMartian, we have adopted Ex nihilo omnia fiunt ("From nothingness all things are made") as the new, more grammatical version of our Latin motto.  We need to work on updating all copies of our logo to include the new motto.

Latin Motto Variations

posted Apr 3, 2008, 5:41 AM by Mac P. Fink

Members, please check out our new list page for keeping track of different possible variations of our Latin motto, and help us figure out which motto is best!  Please feel free to consult various online Latin-English dictionaries, translators, and grammar guides to aid you in your quest.  Something wrong we don't know about with one of our phrases?  Let us know!  Have a better one?  Please suggest it!  Thanks!

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