Welcome, members of the Church of Metaversalism, to this new "Google Sites" site for collaboration and teamwork among Church members.  Google Sites provides an easy-to-use, WYSIWIG, wiki-like functionality, for allowing us to post, edit, and share information with each other using editable web pages and file attachments.  Let's use it to coordinate our new-member recruitment activities!

Current Pages

Use the Site Map in the Navigation box at left to access a list of all pages on this site.
  • Announcements - Members, post here to tell the rest of us what's new...
  • Church Rules - An informal list for now, may later evolve into an actual charter/constitution.
  • Action Items - Things to do.  Feel free to take over an item and do it!
  • Member List - Church members may reveal their identities here if they are willing to do so.
  • Dashboard - Members, feel free to add useful gadgets here.
  • File Cabinet - Archive of all our shared files.

Other Pages

  • Latin Motto Variations - Visit this page to help us improve our Latin motto, "Ex nihil panton."  (This page is semi-retired as long as we stay happy with our current motto, "Ex nihilo omnia fiunt.")

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